My Books

Wondering what I’ve written? Here’s a list of my published titles:

White Rose Publishing released
Continents Apart
, 2010

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Odette Peterson has a clear understanding of where the Lord wants her, and that’s in the African missionary field. When she meets veteran missionary, Xavier Sand, she embraces their budding relationship. He’s everything she’s wanted in a man: Christian, kind, and a man who’s dedicated his life to ministry. But when he insists she put aside her evangelization efforts and join him in Japan, she finds she must let Xavier go.

Xavier cannot understand why Odette stubbornly clings to the idea that God wants her in Africa. Missionary, yes, but she can do missionary work anywhere. After all, he does. Despite all his efforts to convince her to change her conviction, she refuses and Xavier finds himself floundering for significance in his life.

Across three continents, and with others vying for their hearts, Odette and Xavier must learn to trust that God knows what’s best for their futures…even if that means they will never be together.

White Rose Publishing released
Fatima’s Fate, 2009

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One month before her visa expires, Fatima Dede begs her pastor to act as matchmaker and find a Christian husband for her. If she returns to Mauritania, she must marry the Muslim her parents and imam picked out—or die as a martyr for her newfound faith in Jesus.

Her pastor comes up with three candidates: Stuart, a practical-minded widower with two children; Amir, a self-styled playboy who loves to spend his father’s money; and Barry, who drops out of the running when Fatima shows up late.

Time and circumstance introduce a fourth candiate: Chad, a secret admirer who finally works up the nerve to ask Fatima out. He knows nothing of her crisis, and she’s afraid to tell him, lest this seredipitous chance of romance fly away. Will Fatima find the courage to reveal her plight?

Winsome Word released
Off the Menu, 2008

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When Abnaki Fall’s most-respected entrepreneur advertises for a live-in cook, CLAIRE BOUCHER approaches him with a business proposition. She will cook for six months without wages to prove the quality of her French cuisine on one condition. If she passes the test, he must advance her the venture capital for Chez Claire—the French restaurant she dreams of opening. From her boozing father, Claire inherited the town’s pity and low expectations. But from her physically-challenged mother, she learned how to conquer discouragement, overcome obstacles, and wrest life from the jaws of death. She is determined to marry a man who respects her and raise children to enjoy every privilege that her poverty, social stigma, and lack of education denied her.

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