About Me

At eight years old, I bought a 10-cent Bible in a dime store. So began a spiritual journey that led to discovering God at sixteen and–after many sad detours–salvation in Jesus at thirty.

Story-telling began when I inherited Socko the Stuffed Panda from my Uncle John. I regaled my three siblings with tales of Socko’s adventures. Writing soon followed in the form of science-fiction.

Infatuation struck with mad inevitability–the list of unrequited loves too long to publish–but includes Bonnie, the inspiration and recipient of my first poem.

Praise God for Kathy, my wife, who took me out of the loop. We met at UC Berkeley just after my blue Beatnik period. We now have two daughters–Jessi, a published poet and author of science articles for children–and Natalie, a teacher living in China.

Career? After marriage, I worked as an engineering assistant, math instructor, seminary intern, pastor, Teen Challenge staff member and missionary to Burkina Faso, West Africa.

Now in retirement, I love writing the genre that is my favorite to read: romance. I’m sure that any armchair-psychoanalysts out there will see hidden patterns and meanings in my writing and my biography. All I see is the grace of God and the love of our Heavenly Bridegroom.



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