November 2009 Devotional

“…I will come and dine with her, and she with Me.” (Rev 3:20 pronouns adjusted)

Candlelight supper with Jesus… or picnic under a cherry tree… or quiet talk over scones and latte. How can we decline an invitation like that? What an opportunity to reflect, confide, sound out His heart on matters we care deeply about.

The irony is Jesus has given us a standing invitation. Only prerequisite? Hear his voice. That’s right, reread this familiar verse, check it out. “I stand at the door and knock. If any woman hear my voice…”

We skim right over the invitation and discard it as not applying to us, because we’ve already invited Jesus into our lives as Savior and Lord. But wait! There are many private areas where we invite only our most trusted confidantes.

Perhaps Jesus is whispering softly, “Would you like to share this nook with me, too? I promise to be kind, gentle, understanding… ”

How can we pass up a rendezvous like that?

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