January 2009 Devotional

“Faith comes by hearing…” (Romans 10:17 NKJV)

Sitting next to a young lady in a crowded airport in Hawaii, I heard her say over the cell phone to her boyfriend, “Listen to me, uh listen, listen, listen…” Without frustration or anger, in relaxed and assured tones, she repeated this invitation at least thirteen times before going on to share what was on her heart. Weeks later, still incredulous, I related this incident to a colleague, and she replied, “Perfectly normal in today’s world.”

What? Are we so busy talking, texting, and multi-tasking, that no loved one can get a word in? The child tugging at our sleeve. The grandparent lonely for a visit.

How about the Lover of our soul, who suffered cruel mockery for us, and ascended into heaven to reign over every circumstance in our lives? Must He whisper by His Spirit, “Listen, listen, listen…” thirteen or more times before we be still enough to hear what’s on His heart?

Perhaps one word from Him would give the peace, vision, and courage we crave most in this moment.

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