December 2008 Devotional

“Two women will be grinding at the mill; one is taken and one is left.” (Matthew 24:41 RSV)

Rapture. That evocative word has two meanings–snatched away bodily and carried away in our emotions.

Both make for a happy ending to a movie. The hero appears out of nowhere, right at the moment the heroine is about to be swallowed up by evil. He snatches her from a fate worse than death.

Then what? Is that all? No, as they ride off in the sunset, every moviegoer knows that rapturous joys of marital bliss await them–too private to tell.

Jesus’ coming will be like that. As the Antichrist prepares to plunge this world into sufferings worse than it has ever known, our Hero comes from the clouds and snatches His Bride–the woman grinding corn who is looking for His coming–whose heart beats faster at the mere mention of His name. And the heavenly bliss of their union will not disappoint.

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